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Hahaha awesome! Keep up the good work!

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But.. but..

But he had a fairy in chapter 2 after the goron fight! =(


Truly an inspiring animation, I loved it, and hope you keep the story going.

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So far, so good.

Some things I've noticed/thought of:

The action button doesn't work while holding another key down, so you might want to think about letting it work like that. Just to keep it flowing. It's no big deal lol

Will you be changing the buttons in the future? I don't really see a lot of using the escape key, because it might do something else you don't really want it to.

Indoors, the art would be fine, but when you have big blocks of green for grass, it's a little hard to tell you're moving. I know it's not you're final product, but make sure there's a little variety when traveling long distances lol.

Plenty of songs for you to use on the audio portal =D

Good luck! Keep it up. =)


Good, but I just want to make sure of two things.

1) Does the mouse hide itself? if not you should make an invisible cursor so the player isn't annoyed the whole time by his cursor >.<

2) Does the computer ever miss or do I just... suck at pong? lol

WasabiNinja-XX responds:

Every time the computer scores, the speed and angle of the ball changes. This means that on average, you score a point after about 10 or so tries. It really varies. If you work on one turn/try for a while, I would try throwing the match, and then starting over at a different angle. No one sucks at pong.


Pretty good game, but just a little glitchy. When traveling really fast, you move right through your drawn lines. Otherwise, great job. :)

smith1302 responds:

I think I got it fixed.

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This creates such a nice, airy, mysterious atmosphere. That flute is great. The melodies bounce from mysterious to playful. I wish I was listening on better monitors, but the fact that it sounds great coming through built in computer speakers is great. Nice work!

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SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot for your kindness good sir!

Hello fellow EastWester! =)

There are a lot of very nice melodic lines in this piece. One thing that I think you could really benefit from is automating the volumes (or expression controllers) of the instruments to add more dynamics. For example, in the very beginning with the low strings, they can crescendo through the phrase to add movement instead of staying on the one volume.

One thing I was also thinking is that I'd like to hear it with a slightly faster tempo.

I really like the melodic lines in this song. The horn rips at the end also sound really badass.

Great stuff, keep it up!

Flodwrana responds:

Hi, thank you!
One thing that will be pretty obvious to EW users is that I don't know much about the software. I'm unfamiliar with how to automate Play's parameters from Ableton. I would love any tutorials or resources you recommend! Thanks for the great feedback.

I like it, although at some points it sounds a little too "busy", such as in the beginning. I think the issue lies in the all of the instruments are the same volume, and nothing is really taking the lead. The second part at around :26 is a lot less cluttered, but I still feel like the main melody can be louder so it takes the lead.

Other than those volume things, I like the pace and the flow. Nice work.

Lethal-Input responds:

Yeah I was struggling a bit to get that at the right volume. On earphones it'd sound fine, but on my car speakers it sound to quie. Then I'd adjust it and it's sound fine on speakers, but too loud on earphones. IIFOund a good middle ground though..... After I had already published this =p lol

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I think that you could just go over the roots of your hair with a slightly lighter color and let it fade into the dark color. But I'm really not an artist and I have no idea why I think that would work. Lol. If I could do this I'd definitely join in.

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Yes, you should be proud of this. This is amazing. I wish I could have that dream, it sounds really nice. The pencil didn't work out bad at all, haha. Have you ever done any pieces with colored pencil? I think it would be very good. I'm not artist really, though, so it's a guess =P

But really, the piece is fantastic. Awesome job =)

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This truly is beautiful. The colors blend very well and help set the mood for the piece. 5/5 =]

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